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P.O. Box 625, St. Louis, MO 63103

Serving Communities


Innovative Consulting Group

Innovative Consulting Group works with public/private organizations to improve government function and development projects that go beyond the standard approaches to revitalizing communities across the United State by focusing on improving the lives of residents through sustainable development to build strong communities that are economically/environmentally sound and socially equitable.


Key services include providing planning and economic development consulting and services to communities investing in welling being and social change to promote affordable housing, economic success, improve mobility networks, and promote local business for community.



Client Services


Keynote Speaker

Daffney Moore delivers impactful keynote speeches, inspiring audiences with her insights and expertise on topics related to economic justice, community development, and leadership.


Management Consulting

Through ICG, Daffney provides strategic management consulting services to help organizations in the public and private sectors optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve their goals.


Leadership Development & Training

Daffney offers customized leadership development programs and training sessions that empower individuals and organizations to maximize their potential, foster inclusive leadership, and drive positive change.


Campaign Consultant

With her extensive experience in community engagement and mobilization, Daffney provides expert campaign consulting services to political candidates and organizations, helping them develop winning strategies and connect with constituents.


Project Management Consulting


Redeveloping Distressed Communities

Daffney specializes in revitalizing distressed communities, working collaboratively with stakeholders to design and implement comprehensive redevelopment plans that create sustainable growth, enhance livability, and uplift residents.


Economic Empowerment

Daffney empowers individuals and groups by offering guidance and support in accessing economic opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting financial literacy to drive economic empowerment.


Urban & Regional Development

Daffney's expertise in urban and regional development enables her to provide guidance to government agencies, academic institutions, and businesses seeking to enhance the economic and social fabric of urban areas through strategic planning, investment, and sustainable development practices.


  • Public/Private Sector 

  • Women’s Organizations 

  • Individual/Groups 

  • Colleges & Universities 

  • Churches & Religious Organizations 

  • Business/Corporate Professional Conferences