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P.O. Box 625, St. Louis, MO 63103

Celebrating community through committment


Her committment

A catalyst for positive change with proven ability to develop and translate an organization’s administrative vision into specific action plans that produce measurable and sustainable results. Aptitude to establish and nurture cooperative relationships of diverse, cross-functional community partners across multiple audiences including public and private sector solutions. Skilled presenter and motivator with a propensity to build winning environments that consistently add value and exceed organizational goals. A passion for providing solutions to improve the quality of life for people by removing barriers through inclusion, education, workforce development, health, transportation, and program implementation. Core professional competencies include:


Vision for Change

Daffney Moore is a catalyst for positive change. She has made a significant impact on the St. Louis community through her work in urban development, housing, and commercial revitalization. Her passion for providing solutions to improve the quality of life for people has resulted in the removal of barriers through inclusion, education, volunteerism, and program implementation. Explore this section to learn more about Daffney’s impact on the community.

Daffney is a leader who connects people, ideas, and resources. She has a unique ability to engage people to look beyond traditional thinking to impact communities and improve the quality of life for individuals. In this section, you can learn more about how Daffney forges effective partnerships with communities on a local, state, and federal level to invest and revitalize urban areas.

Daffney’s influence extends beyond the community level. As a change agent, she has mobilized efforts to address urban growth and revitalization. She works with public/private organizations to improve government function and development projects that go beyond standard approaches to revitalizing communities across the United States. Explore this section to learn more about Daffney’s impact on mobilizing change.

Through her work in urban development and revitalization, Daffney has transformed communities across the St. Louis region. She focuses on sustainable development to build strong communities that are economically and environmentally sound, socially equitable, and promote affordable housing, economic success, improved mobility networks, and promote local businesses. In this section, learn more about the transformational work that Daffney has done in communities.

In Her Own Words

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